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Perched high atop the summit for which it is named,
Diamond Mountain Vineyard continues to push the boundaries for what Napa Valley mountain wines can be.


Straddling the Sonoma and Napa county line at an elevation of 2200 feet, our estate vineyards sit above the fog line with optimal sunlight and a longer, cooler growing season resulting in bold, concentrated mountain fruit. Rich and extremely well-drained volcanic soils along with a unique microclimate produce Bordeaux-style wines that are powerful, yet elegant, creating age worthy, collectable wines.


With a vast history that dates back to 1895, the land was first settled by Danish immigrant, Andras Rasmussen, who was aware of the special nature of the soil and its ability to produce outstanding fruit, and thus outstanding wine. With determination, instinct, and an education in viticulture, Rasmussen partnered with UC Davis and cleared 30 acres of the thick forest to plant the first grapevines at the summit of Diamond Mountain.


With the dream of building an oasis, Fred and Mary Constant purchased the overgrown land in 1993 with the intent of becoming premium grape growers for the blossoming wine industry in the Napa Valley. They quickly realized that they had stumbled across a unique and special plot of land and, in addition to growing grapes for several of the best winemakers in the area, the Constants decided to make their own wine and build a winery. In 1995, with Philippe Melka at the realm, the inaugural vintage for Diamond Mountain Vineyard was released, beginning the next chapter at the peak of the mountain.


Surrounded by vineyards as a child, Mr. You grew up with a taste and admiration of fine wine. Wanting to share this passion with his daughter Sai, he searched worldwide for nearly two years to find the perfect property that not only spoke to him, but more importantly, had the ability to produce rare, world class wines. During his first visit to the estate, he felt a sense of peace and knew this was the vineyard site to share his love of wine. In 2016, Sai You & Aries Liu were gifted the 87-acre estate as a wedding gift to continue their family tradition of enjoying fine wine with those they love.

Diamond Mountain Vineyard continues to showcase the unique characteristics of each vineyard block, producing wines from our Rhone-style Syrah to our single varietal Bordeaux. Under the stewardship of winemaker Kevin Vecchiarelli and consulting winemaker Paul Hobbs, they strive to push the wines to new heights conveying the essence of our vineyards in every bottle.